Saturday, 10 February 2018

Right or Wrong

“Raj, why don’t you get down and unlock the gate? Stop looking around and find the keys for God’s sake, there will be enough time for watching the nature,” cooed my sweet little wife Sumi, sitting in a corner of the cab squeezed between my two kids and a lap full of baggage; watching me dazed, admiring the scenic beauty of the surrounding. Even when she was irritated and frustrated at my behavior, her voice betrayed sweetness that was an integral part of her beauty and sweet empathetic personality.

In our married life of eight years, I did not remember having heard her voice exceeding a particular decibel. That was unlike many married couples that I had seen. I believed that I was a good husband that took good care of my sweet good looking, curvaceous wife and our two adorable kids. She had put on tiny bits of body mass as compared to the day we got married. However, I thought the increment enhanced her sex appeal rather than otherwise. The increase of mass was just where a man looked (or liked) in a woman.

I was indeed overawed by the scenic beauty of the environment surrounding our house and the view of the majestic yet simple structure of the house. It was one of the prettiest houses we had ever lived in, and we had lived in enough houses in twelve years of my career, which entailed frequent transfers all over India to cities and small towns.

I hurriedly retracted my thoughts to the job in hand, which was to find the keys to the main gate and remembered that the landlord had told me that the keys would be with our neighbor, Mr. Dogra. He had told me that I was lucky to get his house on rent and luckier to have a wonderful neighbor in Mr Dogra. I vaguely remembered that my landlord had mentioned that Mr. Dogra was ex-army. He had mentioned his army rank too. However, at the point, I could not remember what he had mentioned.

Swapping Wives and Fucking Teens at the Beach Cottage

Carolina Beach, North Carolina is a small town and a beautiful place for our retirement. We’re only twelve miles south of Wilmington if we want to take advantage of the amenities and health services of a larger city. My name is Dan, and my wife Jenny and I were recently able to retire after working our whole lives in Wilmington and raising our daughter Ashley there.
We bought our modest, one-bedroom, beachfront cottage on Carolina Beach when I had just turned thirty, at a time before the prices had escalated so much. Over the years we added two more bedrooms, another bathroom, and a large, ocean-view veranda across the front of the cottage, with a hot tub and partially enclosed outdoor shower. Sitting out in the hot tub now, at the age of sixty-two, I have wonderful memories of the times we spent at the cottage when we were using it just as a vacation home. We still enjoy our friends here occasionally. This story will give you a good understanding of just how special my memories are.
Jenny and I both grew up in Wilmington and graduated from high school in the early 1970s. I didn’t meet her until college, though, since I am two years older than her, and we went to different high schools. I met Jenny right after I completed my master’s program in pharmacology, and she was graduating college with her bachelor’s degree in nursing. I worked as a pharmacist for many years, until 1987, when I got a research job with a growing pharmaceutical company, and Jenny was a registered nurse.
Jenny and I dated for a year and were married in 1977. We lived in an apartment in Wilmington until our daughter, Ashley, was born two years later. By then, we had saved up enough with our two incomes to buy our first home in Wilmington. From the time we started dating, we socialized a lot with another couple who were about our ages, and it was a kind of unusual situation.
Kevin, the husband, is one year younger than me, and he had dated Jenny when he was a senior in high school, and she was a junior. Kevin’s wife, Kate, is Jenny’s age and they were best friends in high school, which is how we all got together. Kate knew Kevin from when Jenny was dating him, and after Jenny went away to college, they got together. I found out later, just how well they knew one another.

Fantasies Fulfilled

I playfully wrestled on the bed with my wife, Monica, late one night. I had one of her hands pinned above her head while I stretched with my other arm to reach the lamp on our bedside table. Just as my fingertips had barely touched the light switch, she bit me on the shoulder, causing me to recoil.

"Ow!" I yelped. "That hurt!"

"Don't be such a baby," she teased.

"Baby? You're the baby! Why won't you ever let me turn on the light?"

"Shhh," she whispered. "You'll wake up Kaitlyn."

Our daughter had just graduated from high school a few months earlier. I was counting down the days until she went away to college, leaving us with an empty house, which would allow us to make a little noise in bed for the first time in nearly twenty years. Exasperated, I flopped onto the mattress beside her. She rested her head on my shoulder and gently scratched at my bare chest with her long fingernails. I inhaled the sweet fragrance of her dark red hair.

"You're not going to pout, are you?" she asked. She kissed my cheek and her hand slid under the blanket and caressed my semi-erect cock through my boxer shorts. "Do you want me to take care of this or not?"

Tanya and Asim Couple Swap

The fourth day we got a call from Sofia that she was going to a lake with her boyfriend Dan and if we were interested and wanted to join. We discussed and since Tanya was so fond of Sofia, and I was looking forward to do some photography, we agreed. We packed our necessities in a bag, I took the opportunity to pack the micro bikini I had bought for Tanya and took out the other bikinis without Tanya's knowledge. 

Sofia picked us up with her boyfriend Dan and after introduction we were on our way. The plan was to camp at a lake overnight and comeback the next morning. After a drive of 2 hours we got to a very beautiful lake covered by green mountains all around. We then trekked for another 30 minutes and got to a secluded campsite. Tanya was wearing short shorts and a t-shirt, she had decided not to wear a bra and her breasts were very apparent and her nipples pointing. The shirt was short and was barely covering her belly button. 

The lake and the surrounding areas were beautiful, I took numerous pictures including pictures of the girls and Dan. I was not surprised to see that Dan was attracted to Tanya, in a few pictures he had his hand on her ass, thighs and had also cupped her breasts. After a few minutes exploring the campsite, we started setting up our camp and preparing lunch. Dan was a nice guy, he worked as an engineer in a nearby factory. Sofia was studying to be a dentist. In about an hour's time the camp was set and the lunch ready. All this time I observed Dan was eyeing Tanya and was touching her whenever he had the opportunity. I even saw Sofia noticing it but she was very accepting of this. I was also checking Sofia out, she had a hot body and was very attractive blue eyes.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 04

Laurie fidgeted in her seat, pulling at the sugar packet between her fingers. She was sitting at an outside table at her favourite café waiting for Danny. Angus slept in his pram next to the table, while an empty coffee cup sat between her elbows. 

"Where is that girl?" she thought. 

"Laurie!" called a voice from behind. 

Laurie turned to see Danny waving as she walked up the sidewalk towards her. She was dressed for the warm spring weather they were experiencing in an off the shoulder maxi dress and sandals. She walked up to Laurie and hugged her where she sat, before dropping herself into the seat opposite her. 

She looked into Angus's sleeping form in the pram and smiled, making cooing noises and wiggling his tiny toes, before returning her attention to her friend. 

"Sorry I'm late. Work is a bit mental," Danny said. "One of my bartenders quit on me this morning. The prick demanded to work nothing but night shifts, so I've spent my morning scrambling to redo the roster while everybody bitches and moans about who gets preferential treatment and all that bullshit. That's exactly what I want to hear when I have to go in on my day off to fix shit so the place doesn't fall down around them all. It's exhausting." She exhaled, and picked up the menu. "So what looks good?" 

She perused the menu a while before the waiter came to take their order, Danny getting a Chicken Cesar Salad while Laurie ordered more coffee. The waiter left and Danny looked at Laurie curiously. 

"Don't you have to watch your caffeine while you're breastfeeding?" she asked. 

Laurie's Milk Ch. 03

The curling waves broke the silence around them gently. Steve and his best friend Alex sat in canvas chairs on the waters edge, fishing rods in holders in front of them, a bottle of whisky between them and a bucket off to the side on the off chance they actually caught anything. Their boys trip camping and fishing on Lord Morrison Island was just a good chance for them to have a catch up and unwind, whether they actually caught any fish was a bonus. 

The sun was setting behind them as they watched the sky change colour and sipped at their glasses. Alex sighed. "Reckon the girls are at the hotel yet?" 

"I doubt it, Laurie had to drop Angus at her mum's and she wouldn't have done that until he had had his afternoon nap. They're probably on the way there now" replied Steve. For him with a six month old baby at home, this was time he could unwind without worrying about feeding schedules or dirty nappies, and he was glad Alex's girlfriend Danny had managed to convince Laurie to use her mother's 'always welcome to have him' babysitting services, and have a long weekend herself in the city getting pampered and having fun. Both of them enjoyed parenthood enormously, but from time to time Steve worried Laurie might forget that she was allowed to be the woman she was before becoming a mother. 

"Sure. Danny is excited, she reckons she's taking Laurie to a club she used to work at. They've got some cover band in tonight that she's excited about for some reason" said Alex. 

Laurie's Milk Ch. 02

For the first time since giving birth to their son Angus, Laurie was alone in the house without Steve or the baby. Steve was down the coast for the weekend to help his aunt and uncle move houses, while Laurie's mother had taken Angus so she could have some time to recharge, and Laurie definitely felt she needed it. Motherhood was amazing and Steve was a great dad, but she had genuinely not had a moment to herself since weeks before the baby was born. Last night she had the greatest sleep since her first trimester, and in an hour she was meeting her friend Stephanie for lunch. 

Laurie was just putting on her shoes when she received a text message.

"Hey babes, really sorry but I can't make it today. Benny put his hair in the electric cake beater and we're taking him to the emergency room. Kids right? Sorry, we'll have to try again soon. Love you babes xoxo"

Laurie threw her phone to the table in frustration. 'Kids right? Jesus, is that what I have to look forward to?', she thought. 'Well, that's my plans for the day ruined, what now?'

After pacing around the house wondering what do with her time, Laurie decided to draw a bath and have a soak. Getting to relax without worrying if the baby was going to cry was better than lunch at a café anyway.

She went upstairs to the main bathroom and straight over to her enamel claw legged bathtub. When Laurie was entering her third trimester, Steve went looking for the new home they would fill with their family. Laurie's one request was a bathroom with a tub that she could lie down in. Steve had delivered and it had been a godsend in the last few months of her pregnancy. Laurie turned on the water. As the tub filled, she walked down the hall to the spare room turned playroom for Angus, and brought their small TV back to the bathroom with her. Normally it was tuned to kids programming for Angus, Laurie figured she could find something a little more adult to watch while she soaked.

Laurie's Milk Ch. 01

It was Wednesday evening, the middle their work week, and Steve had arrived home earlier from the city than his wife Laurie. This wasn't unusual. She worked as a dental assistant, had once again been put on a security shift. One of dentists has taken too long in surgery, meaning she had missed her normal train. So Steve was in the kitchen cooking dinner when he heard the screen door open and close a bit too hard. Taking this as a sign, he turned down the heat on the stove and walked into the living room to greet his wife. And like every time he had seen Laurie over the last five months, Steve felt a surge of hormones in his head, and his dick, at the sight of her body.

They weren't trying, but one night or another when they made love, Steve and Laurie also managed to conceive a child. Laurie was angry at first, then happy, excited and scared all in the space of maybe a few hours. It wasn't how they had planned it, wanting to just be a couple a while longer, and more financially secure before trying to start a family, but they were married and in love and so decided to play the hand they'd been dealt. Steve wasn't any better emotionally when he found out, but at the same time he was both insanely happy and turned on. Even when they first started dating Laurie knew that Steve had a massive kink for pregnant women, and finding out his own wife was going to have a child, his child...

Well, what could he say? Here Laurie was in front of him, exhausted and cranky from having to deal with other people's crap, sweaty and hair not quite neat anymore, but in his eyes she looked sexier than she had even been.

Milk is Life Ch. 02

Sydney looked into the mirror, posing in different angles, observing the possible growth of her breasts. It had been almost two months since she found another soul in the loneliness of the Texas prairie. She felt she had been alone for life, but then she was surprised by the intrusion of Alonso.

He came into her life almost at random, finding an oasis of sexual pleasure that she had not had in a long time, found a possible lover, a survival partner. Her breasts were heavier than they were before his arrival, her nipples thicker, and darker. Perhaps it was that Alonso had firmly planted his seed in her and she was now carrying his child, or perhaps her breasts were adapting to the constant sucking of Alonso's mouth; adjusting and growing due to heavier milk production. The growth from his nursing was obvious as it was a stronger demand meant higher production, but maybe, just maybe it was all of those factors.

Sydney never imagined she'd be with a partner again, much less pregnant, but regardless, she felt sexy and confident. She didn't bother putting on a bra as she grabbed the closest flannel shirt. She was already in jeans and boots and was headed outside to meet Alonso, whom was finishing adjusting a few of their tomato crops. She only bothered to finish buttoning to the center of her shirt, displaying a healthy amount of cleavage.

Alonso was wiping away the last of the beads of light sweat from his forehead. Luckily, the weather was pleasant; a sunny and breezy 75-degree Spring day. The tomatoes had been properly readjusted for proper soil and he was lightly famished.

The Album

It is well over a quarter of a century now since I first got to know Frank. He and his wife, Jenny were very kind to us when we moved in next door with a young family, and Jenny would often babysit if we wanted to go out for the evening. Sadly, Jenny died five years ago after a long illness, just ten months before Frank’s seventy-fifth birthday.However, Frank felt that she would still want him to continue with the planned celebration, although it became more a memorial of their fifty years of happy marriage, and he spent much of the evening reminiscing about their life together.
As the night drew on, and after all the other guests had left, his inhibitions perhaps relaxed by the wine, Frank began to talk candidly about their sex life. It became clear that they had enjoyed an active and adventurous relationship right up to the last few months of Jenny’s life when she became too ill to make love. He admitted that he missed the physical presence of her warm soft body in his bed, and that the strength of his sexual desires had not waned with her death. He needed, he said, to relieve himself regularly by masturbating, although it was rather unsatisfying, and definitely not the same as making love to a real woman.
He also became rather flirtatious and made no pretence of hiding his admiration for my wife, Eleanor’s voluptuous charms, and when we left to return home his goodnight kiss was rather more passionate than the usual quick peck between close friends.
When we were lying in bed relaxing after enjoying gentle and sweet lovemaking, Ellie and I discussed Frank’s situation, and wonderedwhat we could do to help him. Frank was not really computer literate, otherwise I would have suggested some tasteful voyeur web sites for him to enhance his masturbation sessions, with arousing pictures of naked women posted by themselves or their partner — including one site where Ellie and I had posted many explicit pictures of her over a number of years.

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