Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sharing My Wife

We've been married for about 6 1/2 years. After my first marriage ended thanks to multiple deployments (I'm in the Army), I found my wife online and upon my return from overseas we moved in together and a few months later we got married.

Yolanda was absolutely perfect (still is). She's very feminine, yet tough. She works AND cooks, laughs at my dumb jokes (still) and is a great mother and stepmother. She had a traditional Mexican upbringing so I never imagined we would ever try the things we have. I guess it really speaks to her open-minded approach to life. 

I have always fantasized about threesomes and such, but had never told anyone for fear of what others (especially women) would think. Our first year together was rough, but one thing that was always great was our sex life. We tried different toys and she was not opposed to watching porn, and we would watch porn together every so often. 

This allowed me to open up and share my fantasies of watching her get fucked by another man. It was always a turn-on for both of us as we'd talk about it and would always end up cumming like crazy. I suggested on a number of occasions that we should try it for real; but she always said "no way!" She loved the fantasy but made it clear that she would never do it for real. I was happy, though, as we always had great sex. 

During the tail end of my first deployment since we were married, she met a woman at a "passion party" -- one of those "parties" for women where they sell sex toys. She made friends with Mary and soon they found that both had husbands with the "same sick fantasy." As they became better friends, Mary revealed to Yolanda that it was more than just a fantasy to them... they had been swingers for a little while. So, of course, all this provided many jerk-off sessions while I was away. 

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Nor-Tea Club

Eighteen months had passed since Jack Trengate and his wife, Sherri had become swingers. First with their long-time friends, Glenn and Wendy then James and Valerie were added, a black couple they met at a party. The three couples met at each other's home once or twice a month and everyone looked forward to the encounters. 

Jack had long overcome his initial concern of seeing Sherri with other men and looked forward to watching her with Glenn and James. She enjoyed being with the two men so much that he had made the odd, casual comment that she might enjoy more. Sherri had not actually said she would want to have more than two men paying attention to her but she never said she wouldn't either and Jack had the feeling that the tone of her non-committal answer hinted that she thought it might be fun. 

He also liked looking down at Wendy and Valerie on their hands and knees on the bed, the perfect combination of black and white. It was so erotic to fondle their bottoms and pussies, so different yet ultimately the same. Wendy's lovely pussy lips were always slightly open and inviting, topped by a neat blonde bush. He particularly enjoyed her in a sixty-nine; she would suck his cock while he tongued her pussy until she was very wet then he would spread her open and play with her clit while James had her from behind. 

He liked Sherri in this position also and the sight of James' super large black cock assaulting his wife's pussy from so close usually resulted in a powerful ejaculation into her mouth. Then there was Valerie; with her large clitoris and a patch of jet black, silky pubic hair, he and Glenn had spent many hours enjoying the considerable assets of this black beauty. 

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Pool Party Out Of Control

I never know what to expect when my wife's friend Audrey comes to visit, except when she's around there tends to be very little clothing and lots of sex. My curiosity was really piqued when my wife Karen informed me that Audrey and her new boyfriend, Tim, would be in town for the pool party we were having that weekend.

My mind raced at the possibilities. Audrey had never visited with a guy before so I had no idea if she and Karen would turn loose or not—especially since our local friends would be there. Some of our friends knew Karen and I liked a spicy lifestyle, but not all of them. 

Our backyard is a large and secluded area with an in-ground pool. It's secluded enough that Karen sunbathes naked all the time. It also lends itself to having all kinds of fun. Karen said she had no idea if Audrey was going to spice up the party in her usual way but my dick stirred at the thought. 

With Audrey leading the way, there was no telling what could happen. Besides, Karen and I could just sit back and let things happen without the risk of offending our friends if things got out of control.

Audrey and Tim arrived Saturday morning and he seemed like a nice enough guy. He and I ran errands and we got the place ready for the party, then Karen suggested we all take a nap after lunch. 

Five couples and a dozen single guys were in attendance that afternoon and naturally everyone immediately changed into a swimsuit. Two of the wives were in conservative one piece suits, but the others were in bikinis. When Karen and Audrey peeled off their covers they put the other women to shame. 

I doubt that anyone was surprised to see Karen in a rather skimpy bikini, especially the top which showed off plenty of cleavage and sideboob. She's long been an exhibitionist and loves to see guy's reactions to her. Not only was her bikini top a bit small for her ample chest, she had removed the liner. When it got wet it clung to her like a wet t-shirt with her nipples poking through.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Swapping Brides

Adam always enjoyed it when he discovered that Alyssa was coming to stay for the week. She was a terrific cook. She was very easy going and funny, a terrific companion. With her long blonde hair, sexy legs and pouty, full lips, and light blue eyes, she was most assuredly easy on the eyes. Right now, stretched out on the couch while reading a magazine, she was wearing a very pretty piece of black lingerie and heels. Alyssa practically lived in lingerie and despite her 5'9" height; she would not have been caught dead in anything less than 3-inch heels. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and she loved sex, he knew that. They talked about sex all the time. She was very open and friendly, nothing was a taboo subject to her. She was a terrible flirt and Adam was very drawn to the 27-year old.

Yet Adam had never made a move on Alyssa, nor had she approached him. Despite the circumstances that had brought the two of them together, their relationship had remained pure, almost chaste.

Adam Austin had met Alyssa Diamont through his wife and Alyssa's husband, Jack. Jack and Nessa worked together and seemed to be turning into fast friends. They lunched together every day, but Adam wasn't troubled by that in the slightest. He and Nessa had been married for nearly a decade. They adored each other. He trusted her implicitly.

Maybe, upon reflection, he shouldn't have.

"We want to have an affair," Nessa told her husband and Alyssa one evening when the Diamonts' were over to dinner. "Jack and I really feel this -- incredible sexual chemistry and we know we're going to act on it eventually. We just don't want to do it behind your backs, so we're coming to you now before anything occurs."

"Oh, so we're supposed to just let you two fuck and not have a problem with it?" Alyssa said, her rage showing on her face. In the few times that Adam had been with Alyssa, he had never seen her anything less than charming and convivial. Now he could see that this was not the kind of woman you messed with if you were smart.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The End of Our Trip

So, after an incredible first night and a great weekend, it was time to head back to our normal lives. Still, we had some time before getting home and a long car ride that could lead to some fun. In the spirit of the weekend, I suggested as we were packing, that my babe wear the nice black little summer dress we picked up along our shopping trip the day before. 

"Any reason why?" she asked me, a look of excitement on her face.

Seeing that excitement I walked up behind her and softly kissed her neck. Reaching around in front of her and grabbing a handful of her tits, I kissed her neck teasingly as I pinched her nipples through her shirt. "Leave the bra and panties in your bag too," I instructed. It wasn't a request, but an order.

As we finished packing Suzi disappeared into the bathroom, coming out a short few minutes later dressed in just a flimsy black summer dress with sheer sides and a sheer top. I didn't say anything, the chubby I felt in my jeans speaking for me. Taking our bags down to the elevator it was obvious that she was getting excited walking around like this. Just two nights ago, she'd been walking this same hall late at night with just a towel wrapped around her neck. That was nearly midnight though. This was different. Looking at her mirrored image off the decorative mirrors around the elevator door I could see her nipples through the top of her little dress. Her nipples were as hard as my dick was becoming. As the door to the elevator finally opened, she walked in first as I picked up our bags, catching the surprise of her flipping the back of her dress up above her waist. As I entered the elevator she stood there, holding the bottom of her dress at her waist, turning to flash me a shot of her cleanly shave pussy. 

I legitimately wanted her dressed as sexy as possible for the ride home but on the way out of town, as we found her way to the highway on ramp, I noticed a small adult bookstore with just a couple of cars in the back lot. It was just after two in the afternoon so I didn't imagine that there'd be much business and suggested that we stop for a look around. 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Indian Married Couple Experiments

Avanti and I met in college. We were not alike by any means. She was brought up in a conservative Hindu family in Gujarat, and had little sexual awareness. While I had read and seen more than my share of porn and sex-related stuff. Though I also had nothing to talk of in terms of sexual experience. Soon, we fell in love with each other.

I introduced her to Porn. Though brought up in a conservative family, she was not at all a prude and was willing to try things. We did have a lot of penetration-less love-making before getting married, and were determined not to go the full distance before tying the knot.

Post marriage, sex for both of us was amazing. Both of us work out regularly and have been in top shape... She is 5'4"... well-toned body... proprtionate taut breasts... and near perfect ass and legs... I'm 5'9", weigh 75 kgs with a musclular body that has very little flab on it.

We are a working couple yet we always gave sex its deserved importance and still do. We were always trying new things, bringing in resistance that bordered on playing out a rape, tying her up and teasing her for as long as I could, making love out in the balcony late in the night... Avanti always responded well to any new idea... be it bondage... spanking... use of dildos... etc. 

We normally did it the romantic way... making love rather than having a "fuck". I prided myself in my ability to make Avanti shudder with pleasure whenever I went down on her and licked her up. 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Vikas making love to Chachi

Hello readers, I am vikas from Delhi. I have planned to write my own happenings, with due permission from the lady (my chachi) who has given me immense pleasure. This story will be lengthy because it not about just a single event where I got a chance to fuck my chachi but it is about my growing years where sex was a necessity for me and slowly and happily got fulfilled with the help of my chachi.
We are into this relation from so many years that I can’t even count. Actually it started when I was a kid, I am 26 now. When it started nothing sexual was involved. Later on it became a life for me where sex was such a part in my life that I was experiencing it on a daily basis, and till now it is the same. I am trying to write every incident and even some events that I forgot was recalled by my chachi.
First let me tell you about my chachi, she is having an excellent body, she might be 48 now, with a beautiful face. I always tell her that she is a look a like of Neha Dhupia ( and friends she actually is, the only difference is her height, chachi is 5ft 3in). She is a sex goddess and has also taken care of me since my childhood days.
Friends my parents moved to Canada when I was 10, dad went for a project of two years there and later on decided to settle there. My grandparents were adamant that I should not go their as education system there is not as good as India and I have been excellent in my academics. So they insisted my parents that I should study in India.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Indian Wife & Boss Part 4

Ravi felt guilty as he blamed himself for everything. Meena showed no pity on him rather creates situations where he feels even more remorseful. He was more caring, more loving towards Meena. He took care of most of the household chores and stopped bugging her for being late from office. Meena was enjoying this new found freedom. 

Kripa called her the next evening; Meena was so enchanted listening to his dominating voice that she unknowingly touched herself. Kripa laughed his ass off when she told him how she handled Ravi. 

"Serves him right," he said, "he is a sissy boy."

She was so much fascinated with Kripa that he forgot everything else. Day and night she dreamt about the night spent with him and longed for his dominating touch. Her body ached for him to take her forcefully and screw her brains out. She waited for him to call her, to ask her to come to him, to fuck her, but he didn't call. It was frustrating; she thought of calling him but didn't want him to know how desperate she is. 

Gupta called her many times and wanted to meet her but she was not interested. She lost interest in her boss as well and didn't allow Ravi to come near to her. Salim and Pradeep the guards at her office continued to pester her, asking her to come to the basement, but she ignored them. 

One day in the office Pradeep bumped into her and started to threaten her but she laughed him off.

"Send me the pics or send them to my hubby," she teased him, "I don't care, now go fuck yourself," she snarled. Pradeep was taken aback he cannot believe such a nice fuck toy was slipping out of his hands. 

Then one day she received a parcel at her office. She curiously opened it and found a dress in it and a letter. It was from Kripa. She looked around and finding no one around she hid the dress in her drawer and opened the letter anxiously.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Swap

Anne unbuttoned her blouse slowly, afraid to look at me. It reminded me more of a doctor's office visit than a wife swap. 

"Do you want me to help you?" I asked.

She smiled nervously. "I guess so." 

She dropped her hands to her sides and watched while I undid the last couple of buttons. Her blouse fell open, revealing a cream colored bra with a small lace border across the top. Her skin was porcelain-white, which made it seem even more forbidden when I lifted the blouse carefully off her delicate shoulders.

We were sitting on the bed at a Clarion Inn out on the interstate. My wife Becky and Anne's husband Biff were in the room next door, presumably doing the same thing. It was my wife's idea -- well, hers and Biff's. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the thought of handing Becky over to some ham-fisted muscle-bound redneck, but his wife Anne is so alluring, in that innocent girl-next-door sort of way, I couldn't resist the offer.

"Your turn,' she said shyly, looking like a Sears catalog model in her generic white bra. I pulled my T-shirt over my head. "Nice," she said, running her hand across my chest. My chest isn't really all that nice, at least compared to Biff's muscle-man physique, but the fact that I'm not covered with bear hair may have been a welcome change of pace for Anne.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Photos in Jamaica

AJ and Shelly were getting close to celebrating their sixth anniversay and wanted to do something special. Shelly was 29 and worked as a book keeper. She was 5'1" and not quite 100lbs soaking wet. Shelly had curly brown hair that went just below her shoulders and had a youthful look to her that her height did not help with. She was usually carded every time she tried to go out and get a drink. She had a shapely ass and breasts that were a big on her tiny body with a bra size of 34C. In college Shelly had partied pretty hard with some light drug use and alcohol, but had become more conservative as she got older. When it came to sex, she had always been more of a tease. She had only had sex with two men before getting married and they were long term relationships. 

Even though she was often told how beautiful she was, she rarely wore clothes that showed her body off. Part of the problem was her size. She either had to wear teenager clothing or it didn't fit right. Since Shelly did not like looking so young, she usually went with the latter option.

Her husband AJ was 34 and worked as a marketing consultant. This forced him to be out of town fairly often. When he was away they talked online with webcams and AJ could occasionally get Shelly to take her clothes off online. This method of staying connected worked for them and while it didn't do much for Shelly sexually, AJ loved it. She would draw the line at taking naked pictures though. She was always hearing about some famous person who had some naked pictures taken getting released on the internet. Even though she wasn't famous, it made her nervous to have any out there.

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