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Virgin Shruti Fucked By Bunch Of Guys

It all started when one of my readers on HumanDigest wrote to me to meet me and maybe have some discreet fun with men. Her name is Shruti. Shruti is a young girl and maybe around 20 years of age. She mailed a picture of hers, which proved that she was very interested and wasn't fake, so I decided to meet her in person.
She is a husky skin girl with gorgeous black eyes and shoulder length hair. The first thing I noticed about her was her hour glass figure and her height. She is a tall girl maybe 5.9'' and had very firm tits which reflected how pure she was. I met her over a cup of coffee in Delhi to have a casual talk with her and decide what she wanted to do.
Anyway, getting back to the story. Our meeting was fun and we chit-chatted like two girls do and we seemed to hit it off. She asked me about my experiences and how it is like to be with strangers who fuck your brains out like a cheap whore. I could see her getting excited with the thought but she was too shy to ask me straight off to experience something similar. After a while I discovered that Shruti was a virgin.

That really gave me a shock of my life!! I was scared to talk to her more about anything as it's kind of risky for a young virgin to be with men who eat up good looking girls. They lack any mercy and don't listen to what the girl requests and do only what they please to do. If it is your boy friend or husband, you still have a control over them, but not men who fuck like animals.
So after a while, I asked Shruti if she wanted to have her own experience and she replied she did, but only with one guy as she was a virgin and she didn't know if she could handle more than one. But she confessed that being in a gang bang was her fantasy and maybe she could try something like that later on. We exchanged our phone numbers and I told her I'll give her a call once I could arrange something for her.
I was out of the country for quite some time and it was a while since I had my kind of experiences so I did need time to figure out something for Shruti. The moment Shruti left, I gave Bake Lal (hope all the readers remember him) a call. He was more than just happy to hear from me and wanted to see me ASAP to fuck me. Instead I told him about Shruti and that she was a virgin and wanted to have an experience like mine.
Bake Lal was zapped and started to jump on the phone itself and said he'll arrange something immediately if I wanted. But instead I told him not to arrange something so quickly as she wouldn't be able to manage it plus she wants to come with me as she's afraid to visit any place alone. Bake Lal was convinced and asked me to meet him the same night to discuss things and fuck too.
I met Bake Lal at his house in East Delhi and after a couple of sessions of steamy sex we started to talk about Shruti. He said that he could get good amount of money for a virgin like Shruti. I had clicked a picture of Shruti on my phone and Bake Lal was sure that he could earn a lot of money on a virgin slut like her.
The only problem was that Shruti wanted only one guy and Bake Lal said that he wouldn't be able to earn if only one guy fucks her. So we decided to keep it as a surprise for Shruti that she would be gangbanged. Although I felt a little guilty of cheating and lying to Shruti about all this but I was certain that at the end of the session she would be grateful to me.
I also told Bake Lal that I would go along with her but I don't wish to join the gangbang as I wouldn't want to spoil Shruti's experience. I wanted her to be the center of attention and wanted her to enjoy the maximum. So it was decided that the next weekend Bake Lal would arrange a meeting for Shruti and I at one of his clients place who paid him good money for the virgin pussy of Shruti.
Of course, all of Bake Lal's clients were the lower class gentry as it's the safest option for us girls to have discreet fun. The meeting was arranged in Faridabad which is in Harayana and a satellite town of Delhi now. Faridabad is a very upcoming place now due to industries and all but still remains one of the most crime ridden places in the entire India.
It's a very scary place to go alone for a girl specially. Most of the gentry of Faridabad is labour class as they work in factories and all. This meet was arranged in the workers quarters of a steel mill there. The thought scared me also a little but Bake Lal assured me that there was nothing to be scared of as he knows the client very well as he's a good friend of his.
Besides Bake lal said he would be accompanying me and Shruti too. He said he wouldn't want to miss banging Shruti for the world. That assured me a little as Bake Lal was a man I could trust due to my past dealings with him. So I gave a call to Shruti and arranged a pick-up point with her and told her that I and Bake Lal would be picking her up on Saturday evening.
Shruti seemed very excited but was very nervous too. I calmed her down but she required more consoling, which I gave her.Saturday evening Bake Lal and I picked up Shruti and I could see that Bake Lal's eyes were fixated on Shruti's breast. I giggled a little but I knew how Bake Lal was, in fact how all guys are. Shruti sat right to me and Bake Lal was on my left.
We had had hired a one way cab for our destination. Shruti was wearing a long length black skirt and a tight white halter top over that. The top clearly sketched out her hour glass figure and her mid sized boobs popped out perfectly. I was sure she wasn't wearing a bra as I could see her brown nipples through the top.
Of course they weren’t very visible but if looking up close you could spot the two nipples with ease. She was young and beautiful so didn't wear much make-up except some mascara and a pinkish lip gloss. On our way she kept looking out of the window and I understood she was very nervous, so I took her hand in my hand, which was between her thighs.
She looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile. I gave her a very kind look to tell her everything would be Ok. I understood how scared she would have been at that time as I could recall how I felt when I went for my first time. Bake Lal kept looking at her on and off and passed me a notorious smile. Bake Lal had told me he had arranged a couple of guys for her to make it profitable for him.
He also had agreed that I wouldn't have to join in as I wanted to just watch Shruti get fucked and not steal her thunder. When we reached the workers quarters, the guard at the factory asked the driver for his ID card. When he did so, Bake Lal called out to him: "Malik bhai, kya haal chaal?" To which the guard replied: "Oh! Bake bhai, bahut dino ke baad dikhai diye, aaj rasta kaise bhool gaye?"
Bake Lal spent a little time chit-chatting with him and then the guard let us in. It was a very big factory and I could see many people walking around chatting with their friends as the factory hours were almost over. Bake Lal guided the cab driver to the workers quarters where we were supposed to go. As I suspected from Bake Lal's list of friends, it was a very shady looking building with cheap guys hanging around it.
The only good thing was that it was made in small units of around 10 apartments each. Each block had a different name and were separated by a small garden giving it some privacy. We parked in front of a quarter and Bake Lal asked us to follow him. I could see Shruti was terrified and I tried to comfort her by holding her hand. Bake Lal was walking in the front with me following him and Shruti next to me.
This was quite an isolated quarter’s block as it was at one end of the factory so not many people were around us, which made life easier for all of us, as we didn't want too much attention. After we reached the quarter, Bake Lal knocked on the door and a few seconds later a guy opened the door. He was a short and fat looking bloke, with an unshaven look to him and was smelling of sweat.
I guess that must have been due to working in the factory all day long. I loved such men as they were nothing but sex animals. They bang a girl harder than anyone could. I felt a chill going up my spine but I was really sad a moment after that as I wasn't the one who was going to be fucked today.
Bake Lal was welcomed by his friend inside the room and we followed them. Bake lal introduced us to his friend. His name was Pradeep and he looked at both us from top to bottom like he had some kind of X-ray vision that he could see through our clothes. I was fine with it as I was used to guys treating me this way but Shruti was really embarrassed and she became red with blushing.
Pradeep gave a slight smile to this emotion of Shruti. Pradeep welcomed us inside the room where he asked us to sit on a sofa. Shruti sat next to me on one sofa with me in the middle and Bake Lal on one of my sides. Pradeep sat opposite us on a chair. Shruti felt very nervous and asked where the toilet was and excused herself. She asked me to come with her.
I followed her to the bathroom which was left of the room entrance and next to the kitchen. When we were inside the bathroom she locked the door from inside and said with a shocking tone: I thought it would just be one guy? But why is Bake Lal here? I can't do it with two guys, I can't handle it."I calmed her down by rubbing her shoulders and said: Don't worry sweetheart, it's just Pradeep for you.
Since, it wasn't possible for us to come to this place alone so Bake Lal accompanied us, he'll just watch you with Pradeep, he won't join in. Don't worry babe it'll all be fine." Hearing this she got a little calmed down and then I asked her to freshen up if she wanted and I'll go and wait for her outside. When I went out, Pradeep and Bake Lal had prepared drinks for us.
Since, these guys generally just drink rum, I was offered the same. Although I don't like rum, but I wanted to loosen up a little so I drank some. In no time Shruti came out and sat next to me and I passed her a glass of rum to her. She started sipping on it slowly. We all started chatting a little about ourselves and then after sometime I had to go to the bathroom so I excused myself.
When I came back I saw Pradeep in my seat, sitting next to Shruti so I went and sat on the chair Pradeep was sitting on. The chatting started again and then while talking Pradeep started to massage Shruti's thighs under her skirt. She really freaked out and started to stare me. Pradeep got bolder and started to kiss Shruti on her neck and slowly went up to her lips and started to smooch her.
Then Bake Lal interrupted by saying: Arey ruk jao Pradeep bhai, itni asaani se thodi na chodhenge isko. Raand ko randiyo waale kapdo mein hi chodna chahiye."So Bake Lal took out a very sexy looking lingerie from his bag and asked Shruti to go in the bathroom and change in to it. When Shruti came back, she was looking stunning in the lingerie.
It was a black coloured bra with black thongs underneath. Pradeep looked at her with eyes, which said nothing else than he was ready to eat her alive. Bake Lal pulled Shruti between him and Pradeep and started to kiss her passionately. Pradeep in the mean time went down on SHruti and started to lick her pussy by pulling aside her panties just a bit.
Bake Lal had started to fondle with her boobs. Shruti was getting really wet and had started to move her hips responding with Pradeep's licks. Seeing this Bake Lal asked Pradeep to stop and gave another piece of lingerie to Shruti to go and change in to. This new lingerie was even sexier. It was an almost transparent pink baby doll.
Shruti wasn't wearing anything inside the babydoll top and only pink panties under that. Her sexy and perked up brown nipples where clearly visible. Seeing that, Bake Lal asked her to stand on the table in front of the guys. Shruti was very shy at first but then Bake Lal became a little stern with her and hence she stood up on the table.
Bake Lal asked her to dance a bit for them on the table. Shruti had a great body and looked like a good dancer too. She started to move a little in a rhythm and then Bake Lal stood up. Bake Lal started to lick her nipples over the baby doll top and started to finger her pussy side by side. He ordered Shruti not to stop dancing.
Pradeep got up and started to kiss Shruti's back and finger her asshole, which she resisted with little success. After Bake Lal noticed how dripping wet was Shruti, he told Pradeep: Ab yeh raand chudhney ke liye taiyaar hai. Thookde saali ko Pradeep bhai." Pradeep pulled her towards him and made her sit on his laps with her legs across his and her face facing hers.
He started to suck her boobs and Shruti started to moan with pleasure. Bake Lal started to squeeze her ass and started to massage her asshole to which Shruti resisted by pushing away Bake Lal's hand. Pradeep then started to kiss Shruti on her lips. After some fun, Pradeep asked her to kneel down on the floor facing him and he took out his cock.
I was surprised when I saw his cock. For a man of his physique I would have guessed maybe a 7inch dick as a maximum. But he had at least a 9 inch dick. But what surprised me was it's thickness. It was Huge! I mean, I would have thought twice before taking that dick in me. The thickness was scary. Shruti was terrified when she saw that and she didn't know what to do or so as she was in shock.
She just stood there kneeling and was speechless. Pradeep said: Dekhti rahegi ya kuch karegi bhi?" Bake Lal said: Bechari hosh kho behthi hai khushi ke maare. Tujhe hi kuch karwana padega. Ghused de muh mein saali ke" Hearing this Shruti got really scared and tried to push herself back but before she could do that Pradeep got hold of her hair and pulled her forcefully to her dick.
When Pradeep pulled her hair she screamed a little and hence taking the opportunity of her mouth being open due to screaming Pradeep forced his dick in her mouth. Shruti gagged a little but after a few seconds she handled herself and started to suck the cock. She was using her tongue to lick Pradeep's bulging head as it was so broad that she couldn't take even the head in her mouth.
And his dick got broader as it went down from the head, so that was even scarier. Pradeep didn't like what was happening and wanted Shruti to suck more of it so he pushed her head with a lot of force so that she took in more of his dick. Shruti got Pradeep's head a bit more of his dick inside, I'll say just 3 inches of the entire 9 inches.
I think that reached her throat itself as she started to gag real bad. But Pradeep didn't let go of her and Shruti had his dick in her mouth and kept gagging. Bake Lal and Pradeep both started to laugh as she was gagging. Shruti's mouth started to ooze out her spit as she was gagging and Pradeep's dick was covered with her spit.
Then for a moment Pradeep eased his force on her head and Shruti threw out his dick from her mouth and started to breathe again. All her mascara from her eyes was all over her face due to her tears and she had spit dripping all over her boobs and her face. She was in real tears due to the gagging. Pradeep let her breath for a minute and then signaled her with her finger to come and suck him again.
This time again Pradeep guided Shruti's mouth on his dick and applied even more force so that she could go even deeper and to my surprise she did. But of course her tears also increased and started flowing more and more. Bake Lal got aroused with this and took out his dick too. Bake Lal had a good sized dick but nothing compared to Pradeep's.
Bake Lal got hold of Shruti's hair and pulled her up with a lot of force so that she screamed and guided her immediately on to his dick. Shruti resisted him first but then due to bake Lal's strength she didn't have a choice. While sucking him, she looked at me as to asking me that I promised she wouldn't have to do it with more than one guy.
I understood what she meant without her saying so and said:"Don't worry darling, you would have to please everyone with your mouth if not your pussy."After I said so, Pradeep asked me to take my jeans off too so that she could suck me too as she has to pleasure everyone according to me. So I did so and I opened my legs on the chair with my legs wide spread.
After I did so, Bake Lal dragged Shruti with her hair on her knees and hands to me and asked her to suck my pussy. Just like a dog drinks milk, she sucked my pussy like she was really hungry. Pradeep came at one side of me and started to squeeze my boobs from underneath my shirt, which was really turning me on.
I really wanted to lick Pradeep's dick but I resisted as I knew I would lose control then and I didn't want to steal Shruti's thunder. So I asked Shruti and Bake lal to stop and have fun with Shruti itself. I went to the washroom and wore a towel around my waist to cover myself. Pradeep took Shruti to the bed and made her lie down on her back.
Bake Lal inserted his dick in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth and Pradeep in the mean while started to lick Shruti's wet pussy like a hungry tiger. I was sitting on the sofa alone now and was enjoying watching them and drinking rum.Just then Pradeep decided to pop Shruti's cherry and he got up and placed his dick on her virgin pussy.
She couldn't see what was happening as all she could see was Bake Lal's balls and ass, but she could feel what was happening. Pradeep placed his dick on her vaginal opening and tried to go on slowly and then came out a little and then tried again. He licked her pussy again to make it a little wet. Then he placed his cock again at her vagina opening and this time thrusted it inside her.
His head went in and blood oozed out of her pussy. Shruti screamed with Bake Lal's dick in his mouth. Pradeep didn't move once his dick head was in her. Bake Lal took out his dick from her mouth and said: Dekhle saali teri choot mein pehla lund ghussa hai... dekhle kaisa lagta hai... "Shruti couldn't stop screaming and started to tremble a little with pain.
He eyes were wet with tears and she was crying. Pradeep took out his head form her pussy and then with a stronger thrust inserted a bit more of his dick in her. This made Shruti scream real hard and she started to cry even more. Then Pradeep told Bake Lal: Arey muh to zaara band kar raan ka.... saali nangi ghoomti hai lekin lund lene ki aukad nahi hai.... daal apna lund iske muh mein."
Bake Lal inserted his cock in her mouth again and started to fuck her mouth. Pradeep then started to get in to a rhythm of fucking her and Shruti kept on screaming. After a few monutes she got a little used to it as her screaming became a little less. Just then Bake Lal cummed in her mouth and her mouth started to drip with his load of cum. To which Pradeep said:
Yeh amrit hai amrit.... isse zaya na karna, ek ek boond chaat le." Then Pradeep got on top of Shruti and started to suck her tits and fuck her even more wildly. Shruti started moaning and screaming and I could see it in her eyes that she was having the time of her life. Just then Shruti cummed and she trembled with pleasure.
Pradeep said: Saali abhi se hi paani ho gayi... abhi to teri chuddhai shuru hui hai." Since Shruti cummed, Pradeep's dick had become white with the cum of Shruti. (yes Guys, girls cum too :) ). This really turned me on and I started to finger my pussy inside my towel. Pradeep wasn't able to get his entire dick in her till now and this was killing him and hence everyone of his thrusts became harder and harder.
Since, Shruti's pussy was virgin and very tight Pradeep also couldn't hold it for longer and he cummed inside her. When he took his dick out of her pussy, her pussy was dripping of her cum and Pradeep's cum. Her legs were spread wide apart and she was lying helpless and tired on the bed.
Pradeep got up and took his phone and made a call. He said something on the phone and a few minutes later the guard, Malik, came to the room with another guard friend of his. Shruti got the shock of her life and before she could get up and snatch a sheet or towel to cover her Malik got hold of her legs and the other guard took hold of her hands.
Shruti started to scream and begged that they leave her. Pradeep came to her and said: Dekh tu yaha par chudhne aayi hai tu aaraam se mazzaa leke chudh. Humein bhi mazaa de aur khud bhi mazaa le. Tu jitna chikhegi utna pareshaan hogi, kyu ki hum log to rukne waale hai nahi. Toh zyada acha hai tu chup chap mazaa le aur mazaa de. Samjhi?"
Shruti replied: Ji theek hai. Par please araam se karna jo bhi karna hai.. please please please.." Hearing this all the guys just started laughing. The guard, Malik, started licking Shruti's pussy and then called out to his friend, who was holding Shruti's hands and staring at her naked body with greedy eyes. Malik said: Aslam miya ab taakna chodo aur kuch karo bhi"
Aslam just came out of his dilemma and started to rub Shruti's boobs and sucking on them. Within no time he striped and inserted his filthy dick in Shruti's mouth in a 69 position and started sucking her boobs again. While Shruti's mouth was getting fucked with Aslam's dick, which was covered with the most filthy pubic hair I had ever seen, Malik striped too and took out his dick.
Shruti's face was under Aslam's dick and hence she couldn't see Malik's dick and I'm glad she didn't. Malik was standing in front of me and I could get a good look at his dick and it made me smile as I knew how Shruti would scream when she feels this inside her. His dick was just around 8 inches long but it was thicker than Pradeep's.
Malik had this lust in his eyes and without thinking twice he started to inserted his thick dick in Shruti's pussy and as I suspected Shruti started shouting with Aslam's dick in her mouth. Her hands tried to push Malik back, but Aslam took hold of her hands and pinned them to the bed. Now, both Aslam and Malik were fucking Shruti's pussy and mouth with immense intensity.
It was a good thing Aslam's dick wasn't as big as the other guys, else her jaw would have been broken. After a couple of minutes Aslam and Malik changed their places and started the fucking again. Aslam started to fuck Shruti like a rabbit and Malik had a hard time fucking Shruti's mouth with the same intensity due to the size.
Her mouth was so tight for his dick that Malik couldn't take it for long and he cummed in her mouth. Malik's cum started to come out of Shruti's mouth and rolled down her nose and her eyes and then dripped on the floor. He eyes where shut and she was in an ecstasy of her own. Looking at the cum dropping at the floor, Malik picked up the cum with his hands and put in back in Shruti's mouth.
He asked her to lick it all with her tongue. Shruti had no choice but to do so. I could tell by the moaning noises she was making that she was loving sucking the cum and Aslam pounding her fresh pussy. Pradeep was hard again and he started to fuck Shruti's mouth again. Malik went out of the room and after sometime he came back with three other guys. They were all workers at the factory.
I figured that out due to the uniforms they were wearing. The moment they came in they gave some money to Bake Lal in a way that it was all pre-decided. Bake Lal looked at me and gave a cheesy smile. Shruti still didn't know they had come as she couldn't see anything but pradeep's dick and nuts. Within a few seconds the three guys were stark naked.
They started to come to me but Bake Lal stopped them. He said "Nahi nahi aaj iski chuut chuthi par hai, woh doosri waali ki phado." The guy said to Bake Lal : "Arey Bake bhai kya farak padta hai, yeh bhi tu nungi hi baithi hai, to iski chuut chuthi par kaise hogi? Aaj chuthi cancel kar dete hai." Bake Lal replied back: "Kuwar Singh Ji apni jawani par control karo.
Aaj isko chodo, doosri ko pakdo."Kuwar looked very disappointed but he looked away to Shruti and told his other two friends: "Jagdish tu daroo pi, mein aur Baldev apna lund khali karke aatey hai."Both Baldev and Kuwar started to rub their dicks in their hands and started to approach Shruti. Kuwar was a tall guy, around 6 feet tall with a very good built.
He had a dick almost the same size of Pradeep but not as thick as his. It really was surprising to me. On the other hand Baldev had a medium built and a very average looking dick. Jagdish sat beside me on the sofa and started to rub his dick while looking at me. He started to rub my naked legs with one hand and kept rubbing his dick with the other hand. I didn't mind as I was enjoying that too.
Aslam was still slamming Shruti's pussy like an animal and now Baldev started to suck Shruti's pussy. Shruti didn't react much to a new guy sucking her boobs as she understood it was no point to do so as she was in the middle of it all. Kuwar asked Pradeep to move and inserted his dick in her mouth instead. The moment he put his dick in her mouth he started moaning with great pleasure.
Within seconds he was rock hard and he started to gag Shruti with his super erect dick. Shruti was chocking and her spit started to come out of the sides of her mouth. Pradeep was lying on the side of her and started to rub her boobs. Aslam cummed all inside Shruti's pussy finally and he looked like he was relieved.
The moment he was done Baldev took his position and started the same animal fucking. Kuwar couldn't take it anymore and hence told Baldev: Baldev is kutiya ko teda karke chod, mein iski gaand bajata hu."The moment Shruti heard that she started to break free and started to move like fish without water. She managed to take out Kuwar's dick out her mouth and said: Nahi waha nahi.
Bilkul nahi! Main woh nahi karne doongi. Please nahi." Baldev lied down on the bed and made her lie on her side and with force Kuwar came to lie down behind her. No one listened to whatever she had said and no one was paying attention to her. All the guys were busy in fucking her. But Shruti couldn't stay quiet and kept resisting.
Just then Pradeep took hold of Shruti's hair with a lot of force and moved her head where he wanted to and shut her up by inserting his dick in her mouth. He again started to gag her so that she would shut up. Kuwar started to lick her asshole for a bit and then started to move his dick around her asshole.
He asked Baldev, who has fucking her pussy, to spread her ass cheeks so the he could get a good view of her asshole to fuck it. He then slowly started to inserted his dick in her asshole and Shruti really started screaming with Pradeep's dick in her mouth. I felt bad for her but I knew that she would love it once she was fucked in her ass. It was the same with me.
Kuwar could only could get his head in first as it was super tight but then slowly he started to push in a little more. Shruti was really screaming now as it was hurting her a lot. Baldev was fucking her like crazy. I had a great view of Shruti's pussy and ass being fucked by the two guys. It really made me very horny and I again started to finger myself.
Jagdish saw me doing that and he decided he wanted to help me with it. So instead he started to finger me and I started to rub his dick. I really wanted to suck his ugly black dick but I didn't want to take it away from Shruti. Kuwar was enjoying fucking his slut for the day in the ass and so was Baldev. Soon they both cummed in her pussy and her ass.
Shruti lay there with her mouth full with Pradeep's dick. She had cum oozing out her both holes. Jagdish got his chance now and hence he got up and took Shruti in her arms. He was lifting up Shruti in the air and inserted his dick in her in that position itself. He started to throw Shruti up and down in the air and fucking her. Pradeep came and stood behind Shruti and inserted his dick in her ass.
Shruti was hanging in the air and being fucked by two monster dicks. Her eyes were closed as she was too tired. But then for a moment she opened her eyes and looked at me with half close eyes. I was smiling at her and she gave me a very wicked smile back, like she was having the time of her life.
Jagdish then carried her to the bed and lied on the bed on his back with Shruti on top of her and his dick inside of her pussy. Pradeep followed and inserted his dick in her ass again. The fucking started again. Bake Lal was hard again and then inserted his dick in Shruti's mouth. All her three holes were stuffed. Jagdish was fucking her pussy and sucking her boobs real hard too.
I couldn't take it anymore but I had no option but to hold. Kuwar was sitting beside me and I had a great view of his dick. His dick was covered with his cum and with the juice out of Shruti's ass. The thought of his dick inside of Shruti's ass made me really horny. So I decided to suck his dick. I took it in my hands and started to lick it. I licked it real hard and I ate his dick like I was starving due to food for days.
He started to push down my head with his hands and I loved being handled like that. Seeing me suck his dick, Malik got aroused too and he came behind me and inserted his thick huge dick in my pussy. He started to fuck me standing and I started moaning. Kuwar told Bake Lal:Teri pehli kutiya ne apna vrat tod diya" And he started to laugh.
Soon Pradeep cummed in Shruti's ass and he asked Kuwar to make me lick that ass cum. So Kuwar took me by my hair and dragged me to the bed and asked me to lick the cum coming out Shruti's cum. Pradeep's cum was coming out of Shruti's ass and dripping on Baldev's dick and nuts. I first decided to suck Pradeep's dick as that was dirty and he readily came forward.
After sucking him clean, I ate all the cum coming out of Shruti's pussy and then Baldev's dick and nuts. I even inserted my tongue in Shruti's ass to make sure it was clean.After I was done, I was dragged and thrown on the bed by Kuwar. On my one side Kuwar entered my pussy and on the other side Malik started to fuck my asshole. I had two Huge 9 inch dicks fucking my ass and my pussy.
Aslam put his dick in my mouth and I sucked him off with pleasure. The guys took turns and fucked me and Shruti wildly for a long time. When someone cummed in me, Shruti was asked me to suck the cum out of my pussy and ass and when someone cummed in her, I did the same. This carried on till 3 am in the morning when they decided to give us a break.
When they stopped, Kuwar said: "Shruti ti gaand phir tight ho jayegi agar usko araam karne de diya to. Bechari phir chilayegi." So Malik took his small stick, which was around 2 feet long and around the same thickness of his dick, he used this at work as he was a guard. It was a metallic stick which all guards use. He took it and inserted it in Shruti's ass.
She was almost unconscious but a slight moan came out of her mouth when Malik inserted that in her. They inserted the whole thing in her so that it won't come out. They did this so that her asshole would still remain wide open. Shruti was so tired that she didn't even have the energy to resist it or take it out. After they inserted it in her, she fell right to sleep.
We both were covered in a lot of sweat and a lot of cum, we were filthy. But nothing of this bothered us, and we both were so exhausted that we fell asleep.I was woken up with a dick inside of my pussy by around mid-day next day. Aslam was on top of me, fucking my pussy. When I opened my eyes, he started to kiss me with his tongue inside my mouth.
When I looked to my left at Shruti, she was was fast asleep. Aslam told me: "Zaya mat chikhiyo warna teri saheli jaag jayegi." Then he started to laugh. After a few minutes Aslam cummed in my pussy and then Bake Lal came in to action. He took out a strap on dildo from his bag of tricks and threw it towards me. He asked me to wear it.
Then he told me:Ab apni raand saheli ko apne lund se utha."So I went on top of shruti, who was looking gorgeous sleeping naked, and I started to rub my plastic dick on her pussy. Pradeep noticed that and said:Ghussed de uske undar. Uska din uski cheekh se shuru hona chahiye." So I obeyed him and thrusted her pussy with my plastic dick and she woke up screaming.
When she looked up and saw me she was very very surprised. I gave her a very naughty smile and she replied back with a same. I guess we both were looking forward to fuck each other. Soon her screams converted to moaning and then we started to kiss each other and use our tongues too. She had her hands on my ass and was using them to push the dildo inside her with every one of my thrusts.
All the guys were going crazy looking at us fuck and soon I felt Malik's dick entering my asshole. I started to moan real bad then. It was probably the best experience of my life, I was fucking a girl and getting fucked with a massive dick myself at the same time. I was loving every bit of it. Malik started to rub my boobs with his strong hands.
Soon Pradeep joined in and placed his dick inside of Shruti's mouth which both me and her started to lick the same time. Shruti had Pradeep's dick head in her mouth and I was licking Pradeep's dick's shaft with my tongue. Malik cummed in my pussy and his cum oozed out of my ass and was flowing from my asshole to Shruti's pussy.
My plastic dick was now wet with Malik's cum. Shruti had cummed too with me fucking her and Kuwar replaced Malik's dick in my ass. Later we both were fucked in all three of our holes for a few more hours before we took a break for lunch. We spent the entire day fucking each other after that. Shruti and I had the time of our lives. Bye.

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