Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sex With Rajasthani Woman

Hi Guys Rahul here Again with another story which happened a month back which I have not narrated to anyone. Hope you all like it, This is my second story I would like to know whether I have to improve my write up or not which can be known only through your precious comments so please dil kholke ke comment do yaar. Also if anyone interested in discreet relationships please feel free to mail me at utmost Secrecy Guaranteed.
Well now let me come to my story I’m sure all of you like eating Chats, during rainy season for that matter I like it in any season. So the story goes like this, this paanipoorivala I go to have his wife helping him in his shop. She is really Hot. At first I never used to notice her coz you know these Rajasthani women who take pallu on their head and keep their face covered so their face can’t be seen lekin they forget to cover other parts of their body which I feel is strange. However whenever I go there I started noticing her curves while having the chat.
Whenever I used to stare and our eyes met I used to see some kind a anger in the eyes so I stopped going there for a while and when I went after a week she was inside the shop and as soon as she saw me she came out of the shop to serve me which was strange I kind a liked it very much. Guys forgive me I really forgot to give u her stats her figure was too good when I say
Rajasthani u must have thought she is hugely built as if a gas cylinder ready for explosion but let me clear this lady is a mother of two but she is very much in shape a bust of 34 ( which I came to know is 36c when I Slept with her ) and a nice waist of around 30 and her ass is the most beautiful its 38 and it sways whenever she walks around and that walk really gives me a hard On.
Now whenever I went to the shop I used to see that she would leave her other work and come and stand and watch me watching her and used to purposely show me most of her parts. However we never spoke to each other it was only exchange of smile while paying her or while accepting the plate from her this continued for almost 3 months.
And then I got some courage and started visiting her shop when her husband was not around that is during the day time as there was no much work he used to get things ready for the evening. So here when we started talking to each other. And when I used to talk to her she would be sitting below the counter so nobody can see her from outside and when I went to talk to her she would adjust her pallu so that I can see her cleavage and her deep navel very clearly.
And my she used to look like a sex goddess to me we used to often crack jokes and whenever I did that I used to hit her on her shoulders. I know she liked it very much one day while I cracked a joke instead of hitting her shoulder my hand accidentally hit her breasts on the side. They were really soft like jelly  I know she felt the shivering waves as I felt it in me we stared at each other for god half minute and I said I’m sorry galti se lag gaya.
Her reply completely shocked me she said bade buddhu ho itne din se main dikha rahin hoon aap itne mahino se dekh rahe ho aaj chu liya to main bura kyon manoongi. I couldn’t believe my ears and I said that its very soft she smiled and said aur ek bar choona hain I said why not she said wait for some time  She went inside and she came back there was no much difference in her appearance.
She said aapko yeh acche lagte hain na kyonki maine aksar aapko inko ghoorte huye dekha hain. I said yeah I like em a lot she said ab dheere so chuye na and I touched it she had removed her bra and I could feel her tits I slightly pinched the tits and she said aap bohut badmaash ho I instantly got a hard on which she noticed and she touched it. It was a gr8 feeling I was on cloud nine at that moment.
This continued for a week and then one day I asked her can I see u in your birthday suite and she smiled and said I would love to but thinking how and what if somebody comes to know I told her to make some plans so that she can stay at home in the morning and if her husband can come to work instead of her she said she will try and I started kneading her melons she was a bit high at this moment and took her pallu down and touched her belly button she started breathing heavily.
I was out of control however as it was a public place I stopped and told her that she has to try the plan she said we will have fun on Sunday which was three days ahead of now and she told me that she would give a call to me so I gave her my mob no she asked me to follow her to her house so that I know her house when she goes home today. I readily agreed and when she left the shop to go home I was following her and I saw her house and I started returning back with the thoughts of fucking her in all the holes on Sunday.
These 3 days for me was like 3 years days were not passing by at all and she also did not come to the shop for 2 days I was a bit worried and on Sunday at around 8 in the morning I got a call from her saying that she would be ready at around 10 I said fine and I was really happy to fuck this sexy lady, As planned I reached her house at around 10 and she opened the door wow she looked out of the world in the navy blue saree which was matching her white skin.
And all her stats were clearly visible she had purposely worn her saree below navel so that I could see it. And she had worn a low back blouse without bra while I followed her inside her house I was watching her swaying ass and her back and the side view of the jumping melons it was too much for me to handle at once.
She said she will get tea for me I held her hand and pulled her on the sofa and said thai wanted milk which is warm she understood what I said and she said aapke samne pada hain jab chahe moo marlo. I slowly put her pallu down and kissed her on her forehead, Kissed her on her eyes and then on her ears and then lips. We lip locked for around 15-20 mins I came to know while kissing that she is really naughty when it comes to sex she put her tongue in my mouth while lip lock and I was feeling on top of the world.
I kissed her neck and she left a very low hiss I knew that gets turned on when I kiss her on the neck so I started kissing her vigorously on her neck on both sides and back now she was uncontrollable she was pressing my head towards her neck and I was continuously kissing her and while did that I was kneading her melons and pinching the tits she was giving out cries loudly now uuuuuuummmh. Aaaaahhhhh. Ummm.
I really liked her moans and I unbuttoned her blouse and removed it I had never seen such stiff and round white boobs with pink small tits with large areola it was awesome she had the perfect breasts and really soft the feeling I got was something I can’t describe in words. Now I slowly cam down kissing and sniffed her armpits and kissed her armpits then the side of the breasts and then I took one of the breast in my mouth and was constantly kneading and pinching the other one. She said.
Mujhe nanga kar do aur chod do mujhe meri foodi phad dalo bohut din se main is ke liye tadap rahin hoon . I obliged and got her naked while doing so I saw her clean shaved pussy with pink lips awesome it was. I felt as if this was a award anyone can get for their hard work. She said ab chodo mujhe main aur intezaar nahin kar sakti I told her to relax as there was much to cum or shall I say come. I started licking her tits with stiffening my tongue continuously and also started fingering her she was going crazy.
And she was like ab nahin aur mat tadpao aajao when she said this fastened my fingering and I could see that madness on her face. And then slowly I left her breast and put my tongue on her pussy at first she hesitated as she had never been licked before as she told me later. I licked her and started biting her clit while still fingering her now she was getting of the sofa in the rhythm I was fingering and licking her she said she can’t take it anymore and she came with a shiver. All her juices were flowing on my nose and tongue and fingers I licked them nicely and also made her lick it.
Now she was ready for the next set of excitement she unbuttoned me and I was fully naked and she saw my tool and was really happy. Well I have a 7 inches and 3” thick cock. She said aaj to mujhe bohut maza aayega ise lete hue meri choot poori bhar jaayegi. I guided her mouth towards my penis she said she can’t do it as she doesn’t know how to do it as she has never done it. I told her to lick it as a ice-cream candy and she obliged and she began kissing and sucking it
I told her to lay down in 69 position and once again I started licking and fingering her as I was doing that I sucking became wild and started enjoying it a lot and fastened my fingering and licking. She started moaning loudly aaaaaah ummhhhhhh issssssss. She was going crazy now and she started stiffening I could realize that she is going to cum gain I continued and she scratched my ass with her fingers when she came.
Then I slowly made the attempt to go inside her pussy which was highly lubricated with one stroke I entered her fully lubed cunt and I started stroking her she put a pillow under her back so that I have easy access I thrust deep into her. She said aur andar faad do mujhe. Maine aisa kabhi pehle mehsoos nahin kiya rukna mat chodo mujhe aur zor se zor se. I fastened my thrusts and started going deep in her I could see a nice grin on her face while I was pumping into her
I grabbed her boobs and was licking and sucking them while constantly ramming her pussy mercilessly. After about 20 mins again I could feel her pussy walls stiffening she was going to Cum again I was on the verge too. We both came together and then I removed it from per pussy and put it in her mouth for her to clean it she cleaned it nicely and then we took rest for some time as the show was not over yet.
we lay besides each other she was playing with my now limp cock and I was kissing her on her neck . she saw that my now limp cock was getting stiff slowly she started stroking it up and down and started licking her neck from both sides I wanted to finger her again but this time I had something else in mind. I told her spread her legs wide and I started playing my fingers around the pussy and went near her ass she immediately was turned on and started making moaning sounds I slowly rubbed the areas around her ass with light fingers.
Now my cock was ready for another round I told her to get some butter she obeying got it and I rubbed it on my tool and put some on her asshole she was shocked and she started begging not in the ass as she has never done it and it is going to pain she said meri gaand ko baksh do who is keliye tayar nahin hain.
I consoled her nothing going to go wrong and I pinched her ass and slightly gave spam on her ass cheeks we was begging with a no I started slowly pinching it and made stand in doggy style I took some ice from the freezer she had and rubbed it on the buttered ass she was jumping in excitement and then I slowly entered her ass it was very tight tough. I knew im going to enjoy this like hell
I slowly penetrated her ass she was shouting no no no I spanked her ass and and entered in one big shot she cried out loud maaaaaaaaaah I started stroking fast and while doing so I was pinching and the circling my fingers on her areola. Now I could feel that she is enjoying it and slowly I was going in and out in her ass she started giving out moans and I fastened my rhythm after a good 20 mins I was about to come and I told her that I am going to fill her ass with my jizz she readily agreed and I came in her ass.
Her ass was completely filled with my juices. I was shivering with the pleasure of conquering a virgin ass. I took my tool out and made her clean it with her tongue she cleaned it nicely. Now I was tired however my desire of filling all her holes was still pending I had filled her pussy and her ass her mouth was the next.
I was tired so I thought I will take some rest before the next round so I had her make tea and she made while she was still naked and while she was preparing tea I was rubbing my tool on her ass we had tea and she said she never had oral sex in her life. However she said that she enjoyed it very much today for the first time in her life or else the routine was her husband would lifet her saree fuck her till he came and slept. Can u imagine how boring is that.
Now I was ready for the next round and I gave my tool In her hand and told her to stroke it she taught all was done and said phir se aap thakte nahin hain kya. Kya khaate ho sand ki tarah kare ja rahe ho. I told her meri jaan there is more to cum hehehehe!!!. She started stroking my cock then I said ab moon main karoonga she said chi chi main nahin karoongi ganda lagta hain. I said try u will love it for sure she hesitantly said Ok and then
I stroked my cock in her mouth and she started rubbing her hand around my balls and I started taking my fingers through her hair and caressing her. She licked and sucked the cock nicely I never felt she was a first timer. After good 30 mins I came in her mouth and told her to drink the entire juice she readily agreed and said maine socha ganda hoga lekin yeh accha hain thoda namkeen hain.
And she said ab to aap jab bhi kahe main mooh me le loongi aapke lund ko. I was really happy how the day went it was a Sunday a funday and my god I think I had too much fun. But to my shock she said that she wanted another round of hard fucking a quick one as she had to prepare lunch and give it to her husband I readily agreed. And we had nice quickie and she was fully contented.
She told me that now she will not let her husband touch her instead I would be the owner of her pussy and I can fuck her whenever I want and she will do whatever I say. I was really happy with this. After this episode we have had sex almost every day after that. Now she comes to the shop only in the evening and in the morning before I leave to work I make it a point to fuck her and only then go to office. As I said earlier All the Suggestions are most welcome and any women or girl or aunty want to have fun contact me on friends I’m am waiting for your response to write my other experiences.

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